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Get Ready

 512 Leasing Made Easy

Future tenants please be informed that when you are not already working under the representation of another agent “Broker\Realtor”, we will need the following forms listed below to start working with you.

It is recommended that you start getting ready with the following forms but, it is not necessary. We can provide printed forms and explain them to you in our first appointment.

1. Information About Brokerage Services (We will represent you the “tenant” unless otherwise informed)

2. 512 Lease, General Leasing Criteria (Use as a guidance only)

3. Download Residential Lease Application (per adult over 18 years old)

4. Copy of drivers license

5. At least 1 month in pay-stubs (If self employed, Landlord may require one or more previous year’s tax return attested by a CPA, attorney or other tax professional. (You have to make 3 times the rent before taxes)

6. If you have pets. (Vet certificate may be required to verify breed and weight)

7. Most homes for lease can’t be held more that 15 days.

8. Have ready money to pay in certified funds for application and holding deposit. (Every home has different fees. Contact us for more information)

9. Call us 512-872-9804  to make an appointment or fill out our Guest Card. (We will help you narrow down options based on your preferred location, price range, pets and move-in date)

10. We will START by showing you up to 3 properties. (Most clients lease the first property they look)